Duck at The Lake, Central Park, NY. MG_1390





Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NY MG_1383

Bethesda Fountain is the central feature on the lower level of the terrace.



The pool is centered by a fountain sculpture.  The bronze, eight-foot statue depicts a female winged angel touching down upon the top of the fountain, where water spouts and cascades into an upper basin and into the surrounding pool.



Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, NY MG_1401

Bethesda Terrace is on two levels, united by two grand staircases and a lesser one that passes under Terrace Drive to provide passage.  It also becomes a site for wedding pictures evidenced by this shot.


On the other side of the terrace, a group of demonstrators mostly young men and women walked the Park in protest to the recent presidential election win.


Gymnasts in Central Park, NY MG_1256

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Gymnasts in Central Park, NY

Another kind of entertainment beside music that creates a joyful ambiance, this amazing street group of young performers really treated the passers-by with funny with jokes, pleasant and interesting performances.  Of course, they assemble the audience, and in a smart tour de force they first collect money from the group of onlookers and present their Dog and Pony show. Nice, I must say.





The Erhu Player, Central Park, NY

A Chinese two-stringed musical instrument held in the lap and played with a bow.

A routine act in public place and Central Park is alive with sounds, and I mean all types.  An unusual instrument, the Erhu is a kind of violin (fiddle) which origin dates up to old Dynasties from Mongolian tribe and introduced to China. Today, the Erhu now has become one of the most popular instruments in China.