Indigenous Embera Man, Colon, MG_6029

The Emberá people  also known in the historical literature as the Chocó or Katío Indians are an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia.  There are other Indigenous group living in Panama with whom the Embera share cultural similarities.

Both men and women practice body painting with the jagua fruit. Some people cover nearly their full body. Even the lower half of the face covered from a line extending back from the corners of the mouth. Some designs are solid blocks of painting with small patches of skin left open to show contrast. Others are elaborate patterns drawn with delicate lines by artists with the thin tip of a bamboo stick. Each design has its own meaning and each age group and gender are assigned specific ones.


Façades of Colon Buildings, Panama, MG_6014

Colon is usually considered a stopover for tourists and for the attraction that lie outside of the city itself.  Everyone has heard of Colon as a free zone, which is a duty free trading area.  A delay with the ship entering the port didn’t allow much time for a more complete view of the city and what it has to offer.