Zebra Longwing Butterfly on leaf in B&W_93E9466

Zebra Longwing Butterfly on leaf in B&W_93E9466


Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9771

Although variable, all yellow-rumped warblers possess a bright yellow rump, which is shared with only 2 other species.
These birds are one of North America’s most abundant neotropical migrants. They are primarily insectivorous. The species is perhaps the most versatile foragers of all warblers. Beyond gleaning from leaves like other New World warblers, they often flit, flycatcher-like, out from their perches in short loops, to catch flying insects.

Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9771Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9771-3Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9771-2Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9794Yellow-rumped Warbler_93E9794-2