View from inside Xian City Wall


Xi’an’s city wall, after its enlargement in the Ming Dynasty, stands 12 meters high. It is 12–14 meters wide across the top, 15–18 meters thick at bottom, and13.7 kilometers in length. There is a flanking tower every 120 meters.

a long shot for perspective.

View from inside Xian City Wall-2

A shorter shot for perspective.

View from inside Xian City Wall-3

Ornamental light poles at Xian City Wall.

View from inside Xian City Wall

Chinese Men & their Songbirds, Xian

Part of their culture, this ritual is well alive in China.  Chinese men from a long tradition walk their caged birds in public parks.  The cages hang on nearby trees, covered with a cloth, so the birds don’t wake too early, while the men sit on benches and patiently wait for the birds to sing.  It is some kind of a hobby for the men and a distraction from vice.

Chinese Men & their Songbirds, Xian-1

View of a man walking his caged songbirds, perhaps on his way home leaving the park.

Chinese Men & their Songbirds, Xian-2


Chinese Men & their Songbirds, Xian-3

Terra-Cota Army Warriors Museum, Xian

A soldier with his horse.

Terracota Army Warriors Museum, Xian_-1


Notice the uniqueness construction of each soldier and how each statue built  differs from each other.

Terracota Army Warriors Museum, Xian_-2

This one is a representation of a middle-ranking officer.

Terracota Army Warriors Museum, Xian_-3

A kneeling archer and the position of both hands evidences that this figure held one crossbow originally.  Altogether 160 kneeling archers were found in Pit 2.

Terracota Army Warriors Museum, Xian_-4

View of more kneeling archers in front row.

Terracota Army Warriors Museum, Xian_-5