Gator in my Backyard

Today I got an unexpected visitor.  He came from the lake in the back and was rested in one of my flower beds.  And just this morning, I was outside watering my plants.  Perhaps he was already in the flower bed or came after I got inside the house.

The Police was immediately called by one of the neighbors and you can imagine my surprise when I got home few minutes later after he was spotted.  A trapper was called to remove it as you can see.  His length was 5.8 feet long.

Gator in my Backyard-1Gator in my Backyard-3Gator in my Backyard-6

In this picture you can see the Trapper trying to mobilize the gator.  He was in the adjacent bushes right in front of the screen room (my house) located behind.

Gator in my Backyard-10

The trapper with the help of two of the city Pembroke Pines Police.  Gator in my Backyard-13Gator in my Backyard-15Gator in my Backyard-18

Gator in my Backyard-12Gator in my Backyard-21Gator in my Backyard-25

Before it perishes-93E3501

Shot in my Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, Strelitzia  is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa.  A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of paradise. In South Africa it is commonly known as a crane flower and is featured on the reverse of the 50 cent coin. It is the floral emblem of the City of Los Angeles; two of the species, Strelitzia nicolaiand Strelitzia reginae, are frequently grown as house plants.

Some of the “petals” started to die, and before it perishes entirely, I took that shot.

Before it perishes- 93E3501

Three is company -93E7403

A wonderful day in the Everglades Nat. Park, sunny, hot and humid and not forgetting the mosquitoes.  Usually they are not fearsome during the winter months, but due to global warming, the temperature was quite unusual in February.  I survived many bites, but was happy with the result.  With Photoshop and using layer i came up with the idea of the threesome.  Hooray for Photoshop.