El Ateneo Bookshop, Buenos Aires

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is one of the best known bookshops in Buenos Aires.  In 2008, it was placed as the second most beautiful bookshop in the world.

Main entrance of El Ateneo bookshop.

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires, MG_0594

Originally built in the 1800’s, it opened as a theatre, it features ceiling frescoes painted by Italian artists.  In the late twenties the theatre was converted into a cinema, and in 1929 showed the first sound films presented in Argentina.

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires, MG_0594-2

Ceiling view.

Ceiling of El Ateneo, Buenos Aires

View of balconies with ornamental moldings.

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires, MG_0594-3

Grand Opera House, Xian China, IMG_3026

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Before leaving Xian, we attended a spectacular presentation by the famous Tang Dynasty Troupe, in their kind of folk dance which was very popular at the imperial court in the Tang Dynasty in Ancient China.  The splendid collective dance, magnificent spectacle and colorful show reveals the unprecedented grandeur and glory of the Tang Dynasty, the essence of oriental dance and music culture.