Xian Railway Station, MG_2691

Xian Railway Station is one of the two main railway stations of Xian, the capital of China’s Shaanxi Province.


Xian Railway Station MG_2691-2


Very attractive, clean interior of Xian Station with beautiful wall pictures.


Xian Railway Station MG_2691


Partial view of a Church& Apartment Building, China

A rare view of a catholic church in China although some statistics in 2011 estimates mentioned 9 millions catholics in the mainland.  Hebei Province is the area you see in this picture counts about one million catholics.

Partial View of a Church & Apartment Building,  China


Buildings of this sort are found everywhere.

A City in China - Apartment Buildings

Beijing West Railway Station, DSC_03779

There are about 4 main train stations in Beijing, such as the Beijing Railway Station being the terminus for international trains to other countries, then the North, South and the West railway Stations serving each different zones and traveling throughout this immense country.

Morning departure from Beijing to Xian by High-speed bullet train. Many trains pass through the city in a very convenient and comfortable way.  Station is huge and the crowd inside is out of this world.  Trains are punctual, clean and spacious.  The trip to Xian will take 6 hours with a few short stops to some cities along the way.  The other pictures  following this page until the final destination (Xian) were all taken while the train was running smoothly at a maximum speed of 305 km about 190 miles per hour.

Beijing West Railway Station DSC_03779-2


Red Sculpture outside of the railway station.

Beijing West Railway Station DSC_03779


Another side of the West Railway Station with view of platform and tracks.

Beijing Railway Station

Olympic Park, The Digital Building, Beijing MG_2604

The Digital Beijing Building served during the Games as the data center. It was the only building on the Green at the time of the Olympics that was not an event venue. Since then it has been converted into a museum of the Digital Olympics and exhibition space for digital technology companies.

Olympic Park, The Digital Building, Beijing MG_2604