Beijing’s Drum & Bell Towers

They were originally used as musical instruments in China. Afterward, however, they were used for telling time.

The Drum Tower located 100 meters south to the bell tower, was placed on a 4-meter-high (13 feet) stone and brick base. It is 46.7 meters (153 feet) high, a little bit lower than the bell tower that is 47.9 meters high (157 feet). It is also a two-story building; the first floor contains the China Committee for the Promotion of the Minority Art. The second floor contains the exhibition area.

The Bell Tower brick and stone made building has two floors: there is an arched door on all four sides on the first floor, and you can go up to the second floor through stone stairs.

Beijing's Drum & Bell TowersBeijing's Drum & Bell Towers-2