Pearson’s Falls, Saluda, North Carolina_93E9857

This 90-ft. waterfall is located in the foothills amid 268 acres of virgin forest and spring-fed streams. A moderate 1/4-mile trail leads to the waterfall – make time to enjoy the cool, misty glen. On the way up to the falls, observe more than 200 species of fern, flowering plants, algae and moss in the wildflower preserve. Sit on a bench and feel the peacefulness of this natural sanctuary as you listen to the water and the birds.

Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-2


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-3


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-4


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-5


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857



10 thoughts on “Pearson’s Falls, Saluda, North Carolina_93E9857

    • Sharing a secret with you. Of all the waterfalls photos, these series were taken with out a tripod, of course after several trials. I got more “likes” from those than the other ones. Go figure.

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